Dog holidays

Holiday with dog

Holidays at sea with your dogHolidays with your dogs at the seaside, in the mountains and at a farm are possible, following some rules. Before you leave, it’s a good idea to go to the veterinary to collect pieces of information about your destination, like if serious dogs diseases like leishmaniasis or filariasis . These diseases are present in the Mediterranean regions; rabies is still present in the mountains. You should never leave your dog alone in a car, as it runs serious dehydratation risks, even if windows are open. It’s a good idea to make frequent stops, to let your dog drink and move. If your dogs tongue is hanging down, you should stop as soon as possible, as it means he /she is very thirsty. Choose a region in Italy like Tuscany, Lombardy or South Tyrol to book holidays with your dog in Italy.


Travel with dogs

Everywhere you want to go on holiday with your dog or cat, bring along the vaccination booklet or the veterinary passport. Both documents allow your animal to circulate freely within the EU. Every airline company has its own rules to transport animals, but they accept just one animal on board. If it weighs less than 10 kg, he can travel with his owner in his basket; the basket dimensions are specified by every airline company. To let your pet out of his/her basket, you need the pilot’s and the other passengers’ permission. Big and medium- build dogs have to travel in the plane bottom, apart the guide dogs with a muzzle. It’s possible to travel with your pets by train as well. They should be in their basket and the price is 60% of a second class ticket.

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