Animal associations


If you’ve found a stray cat or dog while you are on holiday, you can get information about the closest animal rescue organization; the cat or the dog in need can also count on veterinary help there, like in case of dehydratation, quite common in summer. If you see a stray cat or dog, you can call the following number: +39-334-1051030, specifying where you’ve seen the animal. Animal rescue organization volunteers will intervene as soon as possible to save the animal. If your hotel in Italy in the mountains or at the seaside is “pet friendly”, you can ask your hotel manager for help on this case; he/she will give you the best kind of advice about what to do with a stray animal. If you are on holiday and you want to adopt a cat or a dog, visit an animal rescue organization: you’ll have a new friend! Moreover, you’ll get the necessary information to bring your pet abroad.

Please contact the following e-mail address info@travel-group-company.com, to insert your association

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