Animal breeders


Animal breeders propose you all kinds of dog and cat races: big dogs, small dogs, cats with long hair or short hair, and so on. Animal breeders will also deliver you animal “family tree”, if you want to let your puppy compete in animal exhibitions. It would be a good idea to choose an animal breeder near the place where you live; in case your animal presents health or behavioral problems you can discuss them with the breeder directly. If you choose a good animal breeder, you can be sure that the puppy or the kitten has been brought up in a place where his/her well- being is considered important; moreover, you can be sure that the puppy or kitten is minimum 3 months old, the legal limit to sell it. If you decide to buy a dog or a cat from animal breeders you should keep in mind that the price can be high, but you can be sure that the animal is in perfect health.

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