Animal rights and laws


There are laws and rights about animals: about their protection, their well-being, the right way of travelling with them by plane, bus or ship. Many laws and rights have been promulgated to contrast the phenomenon of animals abandoning. Many laws and rights have been proclaimed to fight the phenomenon of cruelty to animals, hoping that the fact that animals are family members as well with their emotions and feelings is clear; he/she suffers, rejoices and gets angry exactly like a human being! Laws and rights about animals discipline the norms about the animals access to the EU nations, to the UK and to third countries.

  • The law issued in Italy on July20th, 2004 punishes the abandon of an animal with a year of imprisonment and a fine between 1.000 and 10.000 euros. The same law is applied in case of cruelty to animals.
  • The same law punishes the use of animals for unauthorized competitions (e.g: dogs fights), the murder of animals and the cruelty on them.
  • The Italian Highway Code (art. 169) allows the transportation of a dog per car; the dog mustn’t hamper the driver’s security; this is the reason why the dog has to travel on the back seat. The transportation of more animals is allowed, if their space is separated from the driver’s one by a net or something analog. If animals are small, they have to travel in their carriers; it’s better to block them at the seat thanks to the security belt.
  • The dog owners have to register their pet at the local health authority; it has a veterinary section. If you register your dog, it’s a good idea to let him have a microchip and to sterilize your dog or cat.
  • Your pet must travel with their veterinary passport if you spend your holidays abroad.
  • If you want to travel to the UK, your pet must have the following papers:  microchip, anti-rabies vaccination certificate, blood analysis, a certificate affirming that your pet has been treated against parasites between 24 and 48 hours before arriving in the UK, health certificate issued by the veterinary section of the local health authority.
  • The UK authorities allow the pets owners to travel to the UK just thanks to some airline and ferry companies. It’s forbidden to introduce animals which are less than 3 months old to the UK.
  • If you travel to an EU member state (apart from Finland, Malta, Sweden, Ireland and UK), your pet must travel with his/her veterinary EU passport, a readable tattoo and their microchip. 24 hours before leaving, the veterinary will affix a stamp on the pet passport, certifying that the animal is in adequate conditions to travel.
  • If you travel to third countries, the consulate or embassy of your travel destinations will give you the information you need.

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