Dog friendly campsites


Many Italy regions offer dog friendly campsites, as many of them are well-equipped to host pets as well. It’s possible to find dog friendly campsites at the seaside, in the mountains and in the countryside. If you tell your campsite Italy owner that you travel with your dog, you will be allotted a space faraway from other dogs, to limit the risk of “brawls” among animals. You have to observe some rules in dog friendly campsites as well: the dog must be at the leash, he/she must wear a muzzle and to travel with his/her sanitary booklet. Dog friendly campsites can advise you a veterinary surgery in case of necessity straightaway.

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Dog friendly accomodations
Tiliguerta Camping Village


Tiliguerta is a 4-star camping village located in south-east Sardinia; it is surrounded by a eucalyptus and pine forest and overlooks the beautiful, ...


- €
Camping Le Pianacce

Pet Friendly mobile home

Comfortable mobile home, surrounded by greenery, privacy
Ideal for a family holiday with your furry friends! ...


39,00 €
Camping Village Le Capanne

A village surrounded by trees

Camping Le Capanne is a village where both young and old will rediscover the pleasure of being together, playing and living precious, ...


- €