Dog holidays Great Britain

Dog holidays Great Britain


Bureaucratic procedures to spend your holidays with dog England and the UK is a bit longer than the rest of the EU, but less rigid than the rules which were valid until the year 2000. Your holidays with pets "preparation" lasts six months; in this time span, your pets must be vaccinated against rabies, have obtained a veterinary passport and have a microchip. After a month, your pet blood sample is sent to a DEFRA laboratory, to certify that the anti-rabies vaccination is effective.

Important: the UK has abolished the quarantine for pets, from January 1st, 2012, onwards!

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Holidays with pets England and UK

24 or 48 hours before entering the UK, the veterinary has to certify the absence of the following parasites in your pets: fleas, fox ticks and taenias. The pet owner must also certify that during the six months of "preparation" his/her pet has never been in a nation not listed in the "PETS" (Pets Travel Scheme). They are: all the EU nations, the Faroer Islands, the French overseas departments, Greenland, the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the Azores islands. Pets must travel to the UK thanks to the airline and navigation companies indicated in the PETS. Once you managed to prepare the correct documents to spend your holidays with your pets in England and/or the rest in the UK, you can choose the British countryside for you and your pets. Here you can rent a cottage in the romantic region of Cornwall or in the Cotswolds. An example is the romantic and idyllic village of Cirencester. Here even Ms Elizabeth Hurley has lived for some time! Another destination for your holidays with dog England and the UK is the aforementioned region of Cornwall, also very panoramic and romantic; a destination could be the town of Penzance. If you want to spend your holidays with your pets in the UK in London, you can rent an apartment; in parks and gardens, your dog must be in leash, accompanied by you.

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