Holidays with dog France

Dog holidays France


It's possible to spend your holidays with your dog or cat France. Your pet documents must be a microchip and his/her veterinary passport. Your pet must also be vaccinated against rabies; pets below three months of age aren't allowed to France and French overseas departments. The best solution to spend your holidays with pet France is renting an apartment; it's possible to do so in every French region. You and your pets will enjoy a high degree of freedom! Pets are allowed in many restaurants, public offices, beaches and shops. Some examples of famous beaches accepting dogs are: Saints- Maries de la Mer, Saint- Raphael (free beaches) and Saint Tropez (at the boats berthing point).

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Holidays with your pets France

France is one of the most popular holidays destinations in Europe; its capital, Paris, is one of the most famous and charming cities in the world. The French Riviera is very glamorous, especially in sea resorts like Saint Tropez, Cannes, Mentone, and so on. Nature fans can choose Corsica, especially if they enjoy climbing, cycling and scuba diving. Moreover, Corsica is very "pet friendly". If you wish to spend wellness holidays in France, you can book them in Brittany, the famous North-Western French region, also known for its particular language and culture. Brittany offers wellness hotels where it's possible to experiment the positive effects of thalassotherapy. Another French "wellness region" is Burgundy, famous for vinotherapy. Culture fans can also visit the Loire Valley castles, located in central France. Don't forget about the French gastronomy: who hasn't heard of Camembert, Burgundy wines, Charentes oysters or the Brittany salt?

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