Holidays with dog Germany

Dog holidays Germany


You can spend your holidays with dog Germany, as this nation is really "pet friendly", as you can find bowls with pet food and water, even outside motorways restaurants! Dogs are accepted even in castles, like the ones located in Southern Bavaria and museums, but just one dog per group is admitted. If you spend your holidays with pets in Germany in Munich, the "Englischer Garten" is the ideal place to walk your dog, as this park offers some points where your dog can walk or run freely. You won't even have any problems with public transport during your holidays with dog Germany; the ideal ticket for your pets is the "family one". Germans are very strict about one point: you have to clean up with a small spade and plastic bags if your dog has made a mess!

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Dog holidays Germany 2

Dog holidays Germany 3

Holidays with pets Germany

You can spend your holidays with pets Germany everywhere, in Berlin, Munich, in the rest of Bavaria, in the major cities such as Bremen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and so on. Moreover, your pets will be very well accepted even in small ski resorts like Garmisch Partenkirchen. This nation is really pet friendly! It can happen that during your holidays with dog Germany other pet owners can ask you- very politely- if their dog can socialize with yours. Germans also like to converse with other pets owners. We all know that pets are excellent communication mediators. During your holidays with dog Germany, your pets are accepted everywhere in pubs, malls, public transports and restaurants.

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