Holidays with dog Greece

Dog holidays Greece


The veterinary passport is compulsory to spend your holidays with dog Greece; your pet photo is optional. Your pets vaccinations must be specified in his/her passport, especially the one against rabies. If the dog has already been tattooed, it's a good thing. In public spaces like beaches, archaeological sites, parks, gardens and so on, your pet has always to be accompanied at leash by his/her owner. During your holidays with pets in Greece at the seaside, it's a good idea to bring the dog to the beach early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the temperature isn't so high. Moreover, it's a good idea to bring your dog to the beach when it's not so crowded. In archaeological sites, dogs often aren't allowed. If they are allowed, it's better to visit them early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the weather isn't so hot.

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Holidays with your pets Greece

If you spend your holidays with pets Greece, you can rent one of those white houses made famous by tourism brochures; as Greece is often very crowded in summer, it could be better to spend your holidays with dog Greece in spring or fall, when the climate is milder and animals won't suffer the heat that much. Greece is the ideal vacations destination for archaeology and culture fans; who hasn't heard of the Athens Acropolis, the Epidauros Theater or the ancient Crete temples? The "movida" fans can choose Corfu or the famous Mykonos. Guests wishing "quieter" holidays at the seaside in Greece can choose Santorini. The "Mediterraneo" movie fans can spend their Greece vacations on the Rhodes Island; the Kastellorizo Island is very close! In the plane, small dogs and small other pets can travel in the cabin with his/her owner, while big dogs have to travel in the bilge. On ferries, pets can travel with their owners. Sometimes there's a "kennel" on board, but many times cages are thought to be small. It you want to spend your holidays with dog Greece at a hotel, sometimes they aren't accepted; so it's better to rent a house.

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