Holidays with dog Italy

Dog holidays Italy


Much has been done to let your holidays with dog Italy easier, as even many Italian families own a pet. Moreover, the possibility of bringing him/her along reduced the phenomenon of stray animals considerably. The best-equipped region for your holidays with pets Italy is South Tyrol, where dogs are well accepted in many hotels in the mountains, restaurants, public places and so on. In this region, if you enter a public place with your dog, he/she's offered a bowl of water without asking. Other regions where to spend holidays with dog Italy easily are: Tuscany, Veneto, Calabria, Sardinia, Abruzzo. To limit the phenomenon of stray animals, if you see one, there are the numbers to call: 334-1051030, the green number 800253608 or the 1515. These numbers are to be called if you witness cruelties on animals, too. If you want to spend your holidays with pets Italy your pet must be microchipped, have his/her own veterinary passport, which also lists the vaccination against rabies.

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Holidays with pets Italy

You can spend your holidays with pets Italy with no problems in South Tyrol, as this region at the foot of the Dolomites is the best equipped ... even for its four-legged guests! Dogs are well accepted nearly everywhere; if you spend your holidays with dog Italy in Valle Aurina, the northernmost valley in Italy, you can count on a dog sitter which is also an "agility dog" instructor. Moreover, it's possible to find many hiking tours suitable for your pets as well here! Another very good idea for your holidays with pets Italy are farms or villas, where dogs can move freely. You can find an Italy villa or a farm in Tuscany, in Umbria, in Marche, where you can also find many characteristic farms!

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