Holidays with dog Holland and the Netherlands

Dog holidays Netherlands


If you want to spend your holidays with dog Holland, the Netherlands and the Caribbean island of Saint-Maarten, he/she must have his/her veterinary passport, a microchip and must also be vaccinated against rabies. Some races face particular restrictions, such as "Pitbull" dogs, which have to wear a muzzle in public spaces. The following dogs races also face restrictions, such as: "Rottweiler", "Neapolitan Mastiff", "Argentine Dogo", "Fila Brazileiro", "American Staffordshire". Other dog races can enter the Netherlands with no problems, but it should be noticed that hotels, campsites and/or apartments in Holland don't generally accept dogs; if so, you often have to pay an extra. In restaurants and at beaches the locals aren't so rigid and your dogs is often offered a bowl of water without asking.

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Holidays with pets Holland and the Netherlands

You can spend your holidays with pets Holland and the Netherlands in Amsterdam, famous thanks to its water channels and its museums, the Brabant region, where it's possible to see many windmills, the sea resort of Zandvoort. Another destination for your holidays with dog Holland and the Netherlands at the seaside is the Texel island, where dogs should be leashed, but the general attitude here is very tolerant; the important element is respecting the basic rules of good education and politeness. Dogs are accepted on public transport and in parks, where they can run freely. If you spend your holidays with pets Holland and the Netherlands at a campsite, they pay an extra fee.

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