Holidays with dog Spain

Dog holidays Spain


To spend your holidays with dog Spain you need his/her veterinary passport and the anti-rabies vaccination. If you book your holidays with pet Spain at a hotel, you often need to pay an extra; moreover, pets aren't often accepted. Renting an apartment is always the best solution to travel with your pets in Spain. Cataluña is the most "pet friendly" Spanish region, whose capital is Barcelona. Here animals are accepted in restaurants, parks and museums. Costa Brava beaches also accept small dogs, especially if the beaches are marked by the "blue flag" and are overseen. In the South, holidays with dog Spain is possible in the Almeria, Cadice and Huelva provinces.

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Holidays with pets Spain

Spain is one of the most popular holidays destinations in Europe for vacations at the seaside, especially in Costa Brava, the Barcelona surroundings and the Baleares Islands. Madrid, the capital, is very famous thanks to its nightlife. Cataluña is the most tolerant Spanish region towards pets. If you wish a milder climate in winter, you can book your holidays Spain at the Canary Islands. Other destinations for a "different" Spain are the Basque regions, on the Atlantic coast. Bilbao is one of their most important cities from the cultural point of view as well. The other official language here is Basque and scholars are still trying to understand its origins, which aren't Indo- Europeans. Culture fans can visit the Moorish cities of Ronda, Granada and Séville. They are very charming, but it you want to spend your holidays with pets Spain here, it's better to inform yourself very carefully, as Southern Spain isn't as tolerant as Cataluña towards animals.

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