Dog training courses


When checking dog training courses, you should keep into account the following elements: your dog race, his/her age, the dog and owner lifestyle. It’s possible that puppies follow dog training courses as well, as he/she will be very receptive to the trainers’ instructions. It’s better if the owner accompanies the dog to the dog training course, because it’s always useful to learn almost the basis of ethology: if you stand, you give an order, if you squat, you invite the dog to play. The dog pays a lot of attention to the gestures and voice tone. Dog training courses aren’t just for guide dogs, police dogs and hounds; dog training courses are for domestic dogs as well, to teach them not to be scared of the leash or to learn how to communicate with them, learning the gestures corresponding to the following orders: “sit down”, “leave”, “come”, “stop”.

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