We present you a list of useful advice to travel with your pets by train, by plane, by ship and so on. You have to bring your pets sanitary booklet everywhere you go; if you spend your holidays abroad, bring your pets veterinary passport as well. Cats, dogs and your pets in general also are homesick; if you bring one of his/her toys, blankets or bowls it will be easier for them to live a new situation. Dogs must always have their collar with their dog tag with them; if they get lost, it will be easier to find them again. It’s a good idea to microchip your dog or cat before bringing them on holiday.

  • If you spend your holidays in Italy in Trentino South Tyrol or in the Belluno province, your pet should be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccine is active 3 weeks after the inoculation.
  • Animals can also suffer of carsickness or seasickness; bring along a “cleaning kit” made up by plastic bags, a small shovel and blotting paper.
  • To avoid carsickness, don’t feed your dog 4 hours before leaving and limit water as well.
  • The Bach flowers and the homeopathic remedies can play an important role to tranquil your animal during your trips or to help him in adapting himself to a new situation.
  • If you travel with your cat, buy him/her a roomy carrier to let him/her turn.
  • Bring along a small sanitary kit for your pets.
  • If your cat travels with you, it’s always better to keep him/her in his/her carrier. If you leave him/her free to move around the car, it can be dangerous.
  • The cat carrier should be blocked with a safety belt.
  • NEVER leave your dog in the car alone, even if windows are open; heat can be fatal!
  • If your pet had a sunstroke, bring him/her in a shady place AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and moisten him/her with fresh water. Call a vet.
  • If the cat tongue is dangling, he/she’s suffering much; it’s a symptom of serious stress.
  • To avoid the problem of excessive heat, travel with an air-conditioned car or leave early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • If the cat has made a mess, put him in a closed space and clean with refreshing tissues.

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