Pedigree Dogs


The so called “pedigree dogs” are those dogs which have a written pedigree or genealogical tree. Many of them are champions at dogs exhibitions. Pedigree dogs are presented by dog farms and are often expensive. The high prices represent a warranty of high health standards; the breeder will sell you a healthy puppy, which has grown up in a place where his/her well-being is considered important.  A certified dog farm will sell you a puppy which is almost 3 months old, the legal minimum to separate the puppy from his mother. Don’t believe ads advertising pedigree dogs from Eastern Europe; it’s true they have lower prices, but these puppies suffer of serious diseases because of the long and exhausting journeys and the dubious conditions where they’ve grown up.

The most "in" dog races


Akita Inu: it’s one of the most “in” dog races thanks to the “Hachiko” movie. This race was born on the Japanes Hokkaiddo island, the northernmost. At the beginning the Akita Inu was a sledge dog; now it’s possible to find an Akita Inu in many dog farms in Western Europe. This dog character is calm, sweet and sensitive; it can be a good watch and domestic dog. It’s very faithful to his/her owner; it’s very intelligent and he/she does usually well in dog training courses.  


Pug: this dog race belongs to the “molosser” category. Many people think that these dogs are aggressive, but it’s not the case of the pug. This kind of dogs are very sweet and protective, playful, robust and athletic. This race is very popular among the jet set people; if you want to buy a pug, it’s better to ask a certified dog farm. Many pugs are namely imported from Eastern Europe illegally.


Miniature Pinscher: it’s a small dog whose character is proud and haughty. It’s very obedient and he/she remembers the trainer’s and owner’s instructions very well. If he/she has behaved improperly, it’s unlikely he/she repeats his/her mistake.   This dog is suspicious towards strangers. In the UK he/she’s widely used to hunt rabbits; this dog needs a lot of space and motion.


Beagle: these dogs have been called so to honour Queen Elizabeth I and at the beginning they were employed to hunt game animals. Beagles can be bred to be hounds or domestic dogs. This dog is very compact, elegant. Its character is obedient, kind and affective. If he/she follows a dog training course, he/she can be a good watch dog. You need to take long walks with him.  


West Highland White Terrier: they also are called  “Westies”, these dogs are very energetic and extroverted; this is the reason why they can “quarrel” with bigger dogs! This dogs is very patient with children, intelligent and outgoing. It shouldn’t live with other dogs or cats.


Samoyed: the “Samoyed”  sledge dog is a Russian dog and its name derives from the Samoyed population living in Northern Russia. This sledge dog is very affectionate, kind and sweet, the ideal family dog. It’s very gentle and playful but very determinate and not so obedient. He/she needs a lot of space.


Siberian Husky: this sledge dog is also of Russian origin, at the beginning bred by the Chukchi population living in North-Eastern Siberia. This dog is very famous for its blue eyes; its hair can be black, gray or cream-coloured. This dog is very kind and sociable towards people or dogs he/she considers his/her friends. Its character is very independent and dog training courses are a good idea for him/her. This dog is very robust and needs a lot of space.


Chihuahua: it’s a tiny Mexican dog; puppies can stay in a glass. This dog was made famous by the American heiress Paris Hilton, often photographed with her chihuahua in the bag…with a matching coat! Even if this dog is very small, its character is strong, determinate and strong-.willed.  He/she is very faithful to his/her owner, but he/she wants to do as he/she like. This dog is very sensitive to the atmosphere around him; if he/she feels any kind of tension, he/she starts trembling and barking.


Shar Pei: it’s a Chinese dog, which symbolizes the inner Zen peace in the West. Its tongue and palate are blue like the Chow Chow dog, which belongs to the same dogs category.  Even if this dog seems to be calm and inoffensive, his/her character is determinate, but very sociable at the same time. If a Shar Pei parents aren’t perfectly healthy, he/she can suffer of serious malformations.


Chow Chow:  The Chow Chow dog was employed as a watch dog at the beginning. This race is also of Chinese origin and its characteristics are solidity and compactness. This dog hair is very thick and soft; this is one of the reasons why does this dog enjoy so much success in the West. His/her character is very vigilant and he/she can be still a good watch dog; he/she isn’t usually very sociable. It should be accustomed to live with a family as a puppy; his/her affection goes to a family member in particular. The Chow Chow needs many walks, as it has the tendency of putting on weight.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This English race has been named so in honour of king Charles II. It’s a very delicate race which needs much medical assistance; the hair should be brushed very often to keep it shining and free from knots. Its character is very kind; this is the reason why this dog is often employed in the pet therapy programs to help people with emotional problems. This dog is very outgoing towards people and other animals.



Bulldog: the bulldog is a very robust dog, imported in the UK by the Romans and Phoenicians in the Old Age. Even if it looks ferocious and belongs to the “Molosser” category, this dog is very quiet; he/she loves sleeping! If properly trained, this dog can be a good watch dog; moreover, he/she is very affectionate and faithful to his/her owner. This dog should be protected from excessive heat because of the nose; many bulldog namely die because of the negative effects of heat.

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