SOS Animals


Even if many ministries and animal rescues organizations promote many anti-abandon campaigns every summer, even if a ad-hoc law has been approved, the abandon of animals continues to be a serious problem. Did you know that an abandoned animal has a 3 months life expectancy, during which he can die of starvation, thirst or cruelties to him? In case you witness an animal abandon or cases of cruelty on it, you can denounce it to the local authorities, specifying the animal race and the place where you were. You don’t need to do much to save an animal in danger; it should be remembered that not always “silence is gold”…especially if it turns into indifference.

  • If you've seen a stray animal on the highway or in the countryside, call the local police station. Specify where you’ve seen the animal, the kind of animal, its race and size. Animal rescue organizations volunteers will come straightaway to save him or give it back to the owner, if the animal has got lost.


  • If you see a dog kept in bad conditions (very narrow spaces, chains which are too short, with no protection against bad weather, and so on), coll the local police station, carabinieri or animal Guards (Italian:"gurardie eco-zoofile). You have to specify where you are, where you’ve seen the animal, the kind of animal, the size, race, the kind of cruelty, and so on.


  • If you witness a case of cruelty to animals or an abandon, you can denounce it to the following authorities: the local police, carabinieri, the forest rangers, the Revenue Guard Corps, not just at the Ecological and Animal Guards (Italian: “guardie eco-zoofile”).
    If you manage to go to these authorities personally, bring as many proofs as you can (e.g: photos, also taken thanks to your mobile phone). If there are more witnesses, it would be good if they accompany you.


  • You can denounce these phenomena on simple white paper, with no stamps. You have to describe in details what you’ve seen, specifying your personal data, with the denounce date and your signature. Your denounce should be handed to the Criminal Investigation Department.


  • The faster you denounce cruelty to animals, the better. Don’t wait!


  • Never think “It’s useless”.
    If you report an abuse , often saving the animal 's life .


  • If you’ve seen an abandoned animal, don’t look at him in his/her eyes directly; the animal can perceive it as a provocation; don’t go straight towards him but describe a semi-circle, squatting in front of him, so the animal won’t feel subdued. Attire the animal with pet food, a toy, and so on, going close to him gently. If he/she wears a collar, put him/her the leash and convince him/her to follow you gently. The stray animal should be transported to the closest veterinary or the animal rescue organization straightaway.

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