Travelling with your dog


Here’s a list of rules to travel with your dog; this pet demands more attention than a cat, especially if it’s big. These dogs can count on ad hoc carriers, which are sold in the best-equipped pet shops. Before leaving, it’s a good idea to let your pet get used to travel by car, not to traumatize him/her too much; it’s a good idea to go to the vet and listen which are the useful or necessary vaccines according to your holidays destination. If you’ve noticed that your pet suffers of car sickness during a short journey, you can have ad hoc medicines prescribed by your vet. If you spend your holidays Italy in Sardinia or in the Alps, let your dog be vaccinated against rabies almost one month before leaving.


  • Don’t allow your dog to put his/her head out of the window; ears are always delicate. The risk of otitis is always high.


  • If the journey is long, stop every two hours almost 15 minutes at a service area or at a picnic area. Allow your dog to walk a bit.


  • Your dog mustn’t eat anything during the 4 hours preceding your leaving, to limit the risk of car sickness.


  • It’s a good idea to leave your dog a bowl of water during the journey; you can find “travel bowls” in pet shops.


  • If you stop, let your dog be at the leash, so it won’t jump outside the car abruptly. By so doing, he/she risks of being run over by other cars.


  • Never leave your dog alone in the car in summer, even if windows are open; the inner car temperature can reach 60° (140 Fahrenheit) very easily and in few minutes.


  • One month before leaving, allow your dog to explore your car, letting him get used at it slowly.


  • Never take the collar or the bib off your dog during your journey or holidays; if he/she gets lost, it will be very difficult to find him/her again.


  • Always bring a small hovel and plastic bags to clean up.


  • Bring your pet veterinary passport along if you go abroad or the sanitary booklet if you travel in your country.


  • It’s a good idea to bring along your pet favourite food, to let him/her have something familiar close to him/her.

  • You can tranquil your pet thanks to homeopathy and Bach flowers.


  • If your hotel doesn’t accept pets, it’s a good idea to look for a dog/cat boarding house in your holidays resort, to see your pet often. Another good solution is a “dog/cat sitter.”

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