Travelling with your pets


Travelling with your pets is never a problem; it’s necessary to observe some simple rules for them. Our pets have their own exigencies and it’s right to respect them. If you fly, every airline company has its own rules about animals transport; if the animal is small, he/she can travel with the owner, while if the animal is big, he/she must travel in the bulge. It’s always better to ask your airline company for precise information. A pet is considered as “supplementary luggage”; you can inform yourself about the adequate dog or cat portable kennel to travel by plane.

  • It’s a good idea to let your cat get used to the carrier before going on holiday. Leave it open in our home, to allow your cat to explore it. You can let your cat get used to it in short journeys. A toy in the portable kennel will help him/her to feel better.


  • Before going on holiday it’s always better to go to the vet, to know if there are endemic animals diseases in your holidays destination; some examples are leishmaniasis or filariasis. If you are afraid that you pet can suffer of car sickness, your vet will advise you the right medicines.


  • A good idea is bringing a small scratching post for your cat.


  • If you travel with your dog, it’s a good idea to bring an anti- ticks lotion or to treat him/her with a pesticide lotion against lice, ticks and so on (e.g: “Frontline”), before leaving.


  • There are many kinds of carriers: the cage-shaped ones can cause problems to very sensitive cats; they should be covered with a dark blanket or  towel.


  • Wickework carriers aren’t so hygienic; chips can notch and seriously wound your cat.  


  • Plastic carriers are the best choice, as they are well- aired and hygienic. Put a towel on the carrier bottom, to absorb the cat sweat.


  • If you travel by train, your cat pays half the price of a second class ticket.


  • If your cat/dog hair is dark, it absorbs more heat; pay attention to this factor.


  • It’s a good idea to let your cat wear a collar with your name and address, in case he/she gets lost.


  • If you have to commit your cat to a cat boarding house, make sure that dogs aren’t hosted there. If so, it causes much stress to your cat.


  • If you own more than one cat, you can put them all together in a big cat carrier.

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