Veterinary advice


We present here some veterinary advice for our pets about their health and their behaviour. These pieces of advice are useful in case of accidents like snakes bites, insects stings, wounds, the correct diet for your pet, what to do in case of a sunstroke, and so on. These pieces of advice are useful to know how to travel with your pets by bus, by car, by ship and by train, paying attention to their well-being. Your veterinary will also be able to inform you about the papers you need  to travel abroad. The veterinary will also help you to understand which is the correct diet for your pet according to their weight, race, age and so on.

  • Don’t feed the dogs with your food scraps. Their intestine is more delicate than the human one and this kind of diet can cause digestive problems easily.


  • Never leave the water bowl exposed to direct sunlight in summer; if this happens, water has to be changed as often as possible.


  • In summer, it’s better not to choose the warmest hours for the dog walk, as excessive heat isn’t just dangerous for your dog, but it can also damage his/her pads if he/she walks on asphalt or cement.


  • If people around you aren’t at ease because of your dog presence, it’s better to walk him/her somewhere else.


  • These are the symptoms of a sunstroke: the dog gingivae colour is dark red, the dog pants loudly, he/she feels disconcerted, he/she can’t stand up, his/her saliva is thick, his/her mouth are dry.


  • What to do in case of a sunstroke: take the dog to a shady space, moisten him/her with fresh water compresses, insisting on his/her head or legs. Go to a veterinary straightaway; he/she will give the dog medicines to avoid a heart collapse.


  • Also cats can get injured during “brawls”; if your cat has a small and not so deep wound (2cm) cut the cat hair around it and disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide. It’s a good idea to apply an anti-bacterial salve on the wound. The wound should be kept clean during the following days, freeing it from suppuration. The anti-bacterial salve should be kept 2 times a day.


  •  If the wound is more serious (it’s very wide or in case of tissues dissection), it has to be washed and disinfected straightaway. It the wound still bleeds, block the flux with ice and cotton and reach the vet as soon as possible.

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